Dear WA Youth Orchestra members,

Welcome to 2021 and congratulations on being awarded a place in the orchestra. The first full rehearsal is Saturday 13 February at UWA, and you will today receive a general rehearsal email that is going to all our members. I have a few things to let you know about specifically for WA Youth Orchestra members:


As you may know, 42 WAYO players are playing side by side with WASO for the Perth Festival with concerts on 5 & 7 February. If you have not received and accepted a personal invitation, you are not required. Some orchestra sections in WASO are much smaller than WAYO’s  such as the cello section (as they only requested 5 cellos for this) and most of our 2nd and 3rd wind and brass players were not required. We have signed a 3-year deal for this to happen, so we hope that if you missed out, you may get an opportunity in 2022 and 2023.

Season 1 with performance Sunday 30 May

Jon Tooby (now Chief Conductor of Darwin Symphony and ex WASO player) is conducting season 1. We are doing the Mahler Symphony No. 6 program that was  planned for September 2020 that was cancelled. Woodwind & horns/trumpets we are just working out what to do the auxiliary instruments/extra players so we will contact you directly in the next few days to discuss. This is especially relevant for the 3rd woodwind players as you are likely required to play a doubling instrument (cor anglais, bass clarinet, contra etc). This concert will not be on sale until at least late February.

July Season with performance 10 July

We are hoping Tze Law Chan (who is very keen to come) will join us from Singapore for the week should he be permitted regarding travel restrictions. If he cannot we will engage a suitable Australian replacement.

Season 3 with performance 25 September

Peter Moore conducting.

The Babies Proms, a small orchestra project with WA Opera in October and Peter and the Wolf are all expected to be happening throughout the year  with details to follow

Many thanks,