Hello Philharmonic, Flute Choir, Camerata, Collegium, and Sinfonietta members!

We are looking forward to our first full tutti rehearsal of the year tomorrow morning. Please see below for a reminder of the details.

Saturday 20 Feb. (tomorrow) 9am – 12pm
Rehearsals commence promptly at at 0900. Please arrive with enough time to find your room, unpack etc.
All members are asked to be picked up within a reasonable time after rehearsal finishes at 1200. WAYO Staff are required to wait with any under 18s that are not collected by 1230 which can incur a significant cost to us.

WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)
2 Bradford St, Mt Lawley

Rehearsal Rooms
We have made two maps available to help you find your rehearsal space. There will also be plenty of signage and staff present to help you find your way.

Philharmonic Richard Gill Auditorium, 1.110
Camerata Voice Room 2 (1.139)
Collegium Handa Studio
Sinfonietta Classroom 1 (1.225)
Flute Choir ES5 (1.219)


  • Masks are no longer required for rehearsal.
  • Music & Music Stands – All printed music and music stands are supplied there is no need to bring your own. Please do not take the WAYO music files home with you as they are kept at the rehearsal venue
  • Pencil – Please bring a 2b pencil with you
  • Clothing/Uniform – Concert attire is only required for the concert, casual clothes are fine for all rehearsals
  • Refreshments – We are unable to serve refreshments at the moment, you are welcome to bring your own for the break and have away from instruments. Like schools, nut-free items are best.
  • Parents – Parents/guardians are not allowed in the rehearsal rooms. There are WAYO staff present in the rooms at all times.
  • Absentees – If you are going to absent, please email Ben at ben.burgess@wayo.net.au anytime.
    If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend.
    If you have to leave early please email ben.burgess@wayo.net.au and let a staff member know on the day of rehearsal.

An additional note
Please be reminded that there will be no rehearsal next week (27 Feb.) due to the long weekend. Your next rehearsal will be Saturday 6 March.

Best wishes,
The WAYO Team