Welcome to Camerata 2023! We’re really excited for what is going to be a fun and exciting year.

The members area online is where you will find orchestra lists, rehearsal schedules, and most importantly PRACTICE PARTS!!!

The members area is a general area for all members. Specific information for each group can be found using the Orchestra Resources section. Click the links under your orchestra group and you will be directed to your ensemble’s relevant documents. Please check here for regular updates.

The conductor for first semester is Grace Ah-quee. The conductor for second semester is Daemon Clark.

The first rehearsal is Saturday 11 February 9am – 12pm, at Voice Room 2, WAAPA (Ground Floor Building 1, 2 Bradford Street, Mt Lawley – maps attached.)

It is expected that everyone arrives by 8:45am at the latest and is warmed up and tuned before we begin at 9am.

Please use the hallway and very edges of the room to unpack your cases as the rehearsal room has limited space. If you use the hallway, please keep the corridors tidy for other users and university students.

If you are running late, please email, text, or call me so I can pass apologies on to the conductor and your section. If you are friends with your section, please still let me know, even if you contact them as well of your absence/late arrival.

For rehearsals, don’t forget to bring your 2B pencil and any accessories you need – double basses you will need to byo stool please. WAYO will provide music stands, music, and chairs.

If you are unable to make a rehearsal, please let me (Breanna – breanna.evangelista@wayo.com.au) know asap (even if it’s months ahead I will keep notes), with at least 24hours notice if possible. Being told early of absences helps me plan ahead to make sure we use our limited rehearsal time in the most efficient way possible.

Due to the size of the groups and limited space inside all our rehearsal rooms, we appreciate that only playing members enter the rehearsal rooms and parents farewell their rising stars at the door. We have experienced staff that can assist with tuning or setting up their instrument, so please ask for any assistance if required.

The 2 main concerts for Camerata this year are as follows:

  • Saturday 3 June – Newman College
  • Saturday 21 October – Perth Concert Hall

Specific rehearsal schedules for the whole year can be found online!

All members are eligible for a FREE MEMBER TICKET to any Perth Concert Hall concert that the senior WA Youth Orchestra is performing. Their concerts dates are Sunday 28 May 5pm, Saturday 8 July 7:30pm, and Sunday 1 October 5pm. More information regarding how to access your free member ticket will be sent once the concerts go on sale, so stay tuned for details later in March.

We can’t wait to see you soon, so go online, check out the seating lists, and start practicing!!!!