What a great start it has been to our 2023 year. I hope everyone is enjoying learning their music, and we can’t wait to see you perform it at your concert in June.

As a note, you may bring your own snacks for break time if desired. This might help with keeping focus and making it through the full morning’s rehearsal. There are water fountains available to refill your own water bottle as well.

We’ve had great attendance so far, so let’s keep it up and keep aiming to arrive by 8:45/8:50am (with your 2B pencil).

We understand parents with pickups across 2 rehearsal venues, but please endeavour to be picked up promptly and no later than 12:30pm. We do keep our staff onsite until all are picked up but will be expecting that all are collected no later than 12:30pm. Please let us know if you have any issues on the day with pickup times and we can see how to assist in the best way.