Week 2: 18th Feb Rehearsal schedule;

9:00 – Physical warmup/tune

9:15 – Kodaly (V Intermezzo and VI Entrance of the Emperor)

9:55 – Marquez

10:35 – Break

10:55 – Dvorak

11:40 – Berlioz

(no harp required until 11 March rehearsal)

We’re going to add Movement 6 of the Kodaly Hary Janos, and play through some more of the Dvorak Symphony. I’ve uploaded all the music to the Dropbox and Dale will work out at rehearsal which movements of the Dvorak he’ll play through. We’ll likely just do Mvt 1, 3, & 4 over the semester. (Percussionists we’ll rotate you around on Timps/Cymbals for the Dvorak so you all get to play across different movements. I’ll speak with Dale and Gabby for rostering, and we’ll work it out on at rehearsals.)