This Saturday 1 April will start with Bernstein, then move onto the Prokofiev. All players only in Prokofiev, please be ready at the venue by 9:20am.

Please be reminded of some rehearsal etiquette.

  • Please don’t chat when the conductor is speaking. It is very rude, and you should be listening to the conductor to hear what notes they have. Even if they are not speaking to your section, the information about articulation, rhythm, or style might still relate to your parts.
  • Play with good posture (don’t slump or cross your legs). Not only will this save you forming injuries, your sound and technique will be better if you sit correctly.
  • The volume dynamic in Callaway is still too loud. The room is small and enclosed for the size of the orchestra, so it is important not to play excessively loudly for the whole rehearsal. Please be considerate of your colleagues and play at a dynamic that will not damage their hearing. The conductor is also aware that the room is confined, and it is not possible to have sustained high volumes of dynamics for the whole rehearsal.
  • Please don’t use your phone during rehearsal, unless in case of emergency. If it is an emergency, then you should also be notifying the Operations Assistants at rehearsal.
  • Keep up the good work of arriving at rehearsal by at least 8:50am so you can set and warm up before rehearsal.
  • If you need to leave during rehearsal, please notify the Operations staff and your section with the reason.

This Saturday is the last rehearsal before the Term 1 holiday break. There will be no rehearsals on 8, 15, & 22 April due to Easter, school holidays, and Anzac Day long weekend. Please make sure you know all the notes and practice your musicality over the holiday break. When rehearsals resume (29 April) you will have 1 month till the concert!