We’ve had a cracking start to Semester 2!

After 5 rehearsals you should all be finished “learning your notes” so you can begin working on the fine details and musicality in your rehearsals. Please make sure you practice your music at home and take your part to your instrumental teacher during the week to work on those more difficult sections. This isn’t easy repertoire so please practice between rehearsals.

One of the best ways to learn new music is to listen to lots of recordings. I’ve made a Spotify playlist of your repertoire to get your started.


Please note changes to specific dates only:

Change of rehearsal venue for Saturday 9th September.

Please note that we will be having sectionals on Saturday 9th September.

These will be held at DIFFERENT VENUES, so please check below, and make appropriate arrangements for transport.


Date: Saturday 9th September, 9am-12pm

Venue: Perth College Judith Cottier Theatre

Sara Duhig will take the violin/violas on stage.

Elise Chong will take the cello/bass in the green room.


Date: Saturday 9th September, 9am-12pm

Venue: Ensemble Studio 2 WAAPA

Jodie Upton will take wind and brass.

Percussion and Harp:

No rehearsal on 9th September.

Information for sound check time on Saturday 21st October:

  • Your sound check time has moved to 11am – 11:40am, due to operation requirements.
  • Percussionists we will be using percussion from WAAPA. We will be collecting the percussion at 8am. You are all required to attend to collect the instruments. I’ll be there with a truck to transport the instruments between venues. We will then travel to PCH to unpack and set up percussion.
  • After the concert, the percussionists are also required to travel back to WAAPA and assist unloading the percussion.
  • There will be 1 car parking bay for percussion at Perth Concert Hall so you can travel together and/or bring small items in the car with you that aren’t able to travel in the truck.

There is no change to the next 2 rehearsals.

Saturday 26th August, & 2nd September rehearsal will be as usual at RGA WAAPA 9am-12pm.