The WAYO Ensembles concert Rise is coming up on Saturday 21st October at The Perth Concert Hall.

Below are some important details regarding the sound check and performance on Saturday 21st October at The Perth Concert Hall.

Please note the specific times for each ensemble below regarding concert and sound check times. You only have to attend the sound check in the morning for the time slot allocated to your ensemble. Once you have finished your rehearsal on stage you may leave. Please arrive early so you are ready to play when it is your rehearsal time. Please note that no-one is permitted to stay in the venue between soundcheck and the concerts. People with large instruments (double bass, tuba, harp, contrabassoon) may leave their instruments at Perth Concert Hall between the morning rehearsal and evening concerts if required. The venue will be locked between rehearsal and concert.

CONCERT DETAILS: Rise – Ensembles Concert

When: Saturday 21 October, 5pm & 6:30pm (two concerts)

Where: The Perth Concert Hall – a map is provided below with arrival and collection zones marked


Concert 1Sinfonietta & Collegium5:00pm performance – Buy Tickets here

Between concerts – all patrons must leave the auditorium at the end of the first concert, so staff can prepare the venue for patrons attending Ensembles Concert 2

Concert 2 – Flute Choir, Camerata & Philharmonic Orchestra6:30pm performance – Buy Tickets here


BOOKINGS & INFORMATION – Tickets / Standard $20 / Concession $15 + booking fee

All of our ticket sales for Perth Concert Hall events are purchased directly through Perth Concert Hall. Please click on links above to purchase tickets online for either the Sinfonietta & Collegium 5:00pm Concert or the Flute Choir, Camerata & Philharmonic Orchestra Concert at 6:30pm. Alternatively you may call the PCH Box Office by phone on 9231 9999, or visit them in person. The Box Office will be open on the night of the concerts as well to purchase tickets at the door. They can also help with any ticket enquiries you may have.

We are having a morning sound check rehearsal for our ensembles at The Perth Concert Hall on Saturday 21 October. You may wear casual clothes for the morning rehearsal. Concert clothing is only required for the performances.

Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before your allotted time to find the venue, tune up and be ready to go on stage during the changeover period. We will not be waiting for latecomers, for both rehearsals and concerts.

Due to space restrictions at the venue, we are only able to let large instruments (double bass, tuba, harp, contrabassoon) keep their instruments at the venue between soundcheck and concert.

Double basses please remember to bring your bass stool.

Please bring all accessories that you need including spare strings, mutes, and rock stops! All cellists and double basses must bring their own rock stop to use on the Perth Concert Hall stage.


Entry to PCH will be through stage door. This is accessible via the driveway between the Duxton Hotel and PCH, off St Georges Terrace. The main foyer is not open in the mornings so you can only get in through the backstage gates.

Saturday 21 October Perth Concert Hall
Ensemble Start Time End Time

Truck pack at WAAPA – 8am

Camerata 0900 0930
Set Change 0930 0940
Sinfonietta 0940 1010
Set Change 1010 1020
Collegium 1020 1050
Set Change 1050 1100
Philharmonic 1100 1140
Set Change 1140 1150
Flute Choir – Arrive by 11:25am 1150 1220
All members exit by 1230 – no-one to stay onsite between rehearsal and concert

Call times for the concerts are as follows:

  • Sinfonietta and Collegium – 4:30pm arrive. 5pm concert start. Concert estimated to finish at 5:50pm
  • Flute Choir – arrive 5:45pm. Camerata, Philharmonic – arrive 6:00pm. 6:30pm concert start. Concert estimated to finish at 8:10pm.

Members of Sinfonietta, Camerata, and Flute Choir will be sat as a group inside the concert hall after their performances to watch the remainder of their respective concert. We will have staff chaperoning them during the concert to and from their seats.

If you have children performing in both concerts, their instrument may be left backstage while they are watching their sibling perform. Please leave instruments in the Green Room at Perth Concert Hall.

Rehearsal and Concert Drop off and Pickup Info:

  • Please sign in to the WAYO sign in sheet on your room door upon arrival for rehearsal and again for concert.
  • Only playing members can go backstage into the warmup rooms due to limited space. If you need assistance in carrying large items, we will have our Operations Assistants there to help. Please ask our team to help if required.
  • Parents can pick up members after the concerts in the ground floor foyer spaces at Perth Concert Hall. Members will be chaperoned to the ground level riverside foyer (near the Wardle Room) after their concert for collection. There will be signage and directions to show where the pickup area is.
  • Please do not crowd outside stage door for pickups as this prevents access and egress of the backstage area.
  • We do ask that all under 18 members are collected in person by a parent or guardian and that children do not walk off by themselves to meet cars.
  • Please pick up children within 10minutes of the finishing time of the concert.

Dress Code:


TOP: Black (at least elbow length sleeves)

BOTTOM: Full length black trousers or black skirt, black dress shoes, black socks. Shoes must have enclosed toe. Opaque black stockings are required if wearing a skirt. Skirts must not be shorter than above-the-knee.


TOP: White, with sleeves.

BOTTOM: Full length black trousers or black skirt, black dress shoes, black socks. Shoes must have enclosed toe. Opaque black stockings are required if wearing a skirt. Skirts must not be shorter than above-the-knee.


Short skirts, sleeveless and / or low-cut tops are not acceptable. A high degree of personal presentation is required at performances. If WAYO staff feel that attire is unacceptable, the member may be asked to change and/or wear more attire that is in keeping with WAYO’s concert dress standards. Should this not be possible, the member may be prevented from taking part in the performance; this decision is entirely at the discretion of WAYO management.

Map Details:

Pink – walk path and entry to Stage Door – Please drop off children at Stage Door before concert

Purple – Child Collection Area – Please collect child here after concert

Blue – Box office and Main Foyer Entry to PCH for patrons

Green – Drive through drop off zone available for large instruments to use to drop off equipment. Maximum 5-minute usage.

Parking is available on Terrace Road in the Perth Concert Hall and Terrace Road Car Parks.