Membership Requirements


Applicants must be amateur musicians aged 25 or younger at 1 January 2024 and preferably be studying with a professional music teacher. Applicants over 25 that meet other eligibility criteria, ensemble requirements and equity may apply, subject to written approval from WAYO’s Executive Director.


With over 400 musicians applying and auditioning for places each year, it is a significant achievement to be offered a position in one of WAYO’s ensembles.

Acceptance of a position in an ensemble requires a commitment for the entire year.

This ensures consistency in the development of the ensemble and the individual throughout the year. Before accepting their position, applicants must carefully consider their ability to comply with regular attendance at rehearsals, tutorials and concerts. WA Youth Orchestras activities must take priority over other commitments.


AMEB levels for each ensemble serve only as a rough guide and are not a requirement for entry. Performance at these levels does not guarantee entry into any ensemble. We ask this information as it can be helpful in ascertaining the general standard of an applicant. It also helps students to decide which ensemble might best fit their playing level. If you are unsure, ask your instrumental teacher for advice. Need a refresher on the different ensemble levels?


To apply, simply fill out an Application Form at the end of this Prospectus. A $45 non-refundable application fee is required to cover administration costs.

Should you wish to audition for multiple ensembles on the same instrument, you only need to complete one audition form. If you wish to audition on multiple instruments, even if it is for the same ensemble, then you will need to complete an application form and pay the $45 fee for each instrument you wish to audition on.


An annual membership fee is payable upon acceptance of a position in a WA Youth Orchestras ensemble by 8 February 2024.

Individual membership: $640
Subsequent family members: $590


WAYO offers interest free instalment payments for all membership fees upon request. WAYO may consider special assistance in the case of extreme financial hardship. The amount of financial assistance that can be provided is limited. WAYO also provides some instruments via scholarships for use by members.