WA Youth Orchestras presents a significant number of concerts per year. These range from performances in the Concert Hall and other major Perth venues to schools concerts, Babies Proms educational concerts and outdoor family concerts. In addition, commercial or community concerts and regional tours are sometimes included in the programme.

Concerts are of a high standard, and members are encouraged to support the WA Youth Orchestras by bringing friends and relatives to the concerts. Players are encouraged to assist in publicising concerts by spreading the word in a polite and tactful manner.

purchasing tickets

Further notification, including information on when tickets become available for sale is generally emailed to members well in advance of events. Tickets for all concerts by all ensembles are available online. For further information on purchasing tickets, click the link below.

*Please note that booking fees may apply and are dependent on the ticketing agent.

free member tickets

As a WA Youth Orchestras member you are entitled to one free non-transferable ticket for yourself to each of the other ensembles’ concerts at Perth Concert Hall. Information on how to book member tickets will be made available before each concert.

photography & recording at concerts

Recording of any kind is not permitted at any WA Youth Orchestras event, including but not limited to rehearsals and performances.

Photography is not permitted at concerts unless expressly notified to the contrary by WA Youth Orchestras. If so, photographs are solely for personal use, and may not be broadcast, uploaded online, distributed or sold in any way.


Concert Dress is not required for regular rehearsals – members may wear neat, casual clothing to weekly Saturday rehearsals. The Concert Dress uniform is only required for performances unless otherwise communicated by WAYO staff (for example, for a dress rehearsal or special photography).

»Sleeveless tops and dresses with a modest neckline are permitted, but no “spaghetti straps” or strapless styles. No midriffs should be showing when standing or seated.

WAYO/Philharmonic/Camerata/Flute Choir – Black coloured tops

Collegium/Sinfonietta – White coloured tops

BOTTOM – All Ensembles
» Full length black trousers or black skirt, black dress shoes, black socks.
» Shoes must have enclosed toe, no thongs, crocs, or sandals.
» Opaque black stockings are required if wearing a skirt.
» Skirts must not be shorter than above-the-knee.

Short skirts and low cut or midriff tops are not acceptable. A high degree of personal presentation is required at performances.

If WAYO staff feel that attire is unacceptable, the member may be asked to change and/or wear more attire that is in keeping with WAYO’s concert dress standards. Should this not be possible, the member may be prevented from taking part in the performance; this decision is entirely at the discretion of WAYO management.

WA Youth Orchestra Philharmonic Orchestra Camerata Collegium Sinfonietta Flute Choir
Top colour Black Black Black White White Black
Bottom colour Black Black Black Black Black Black