We warmly welcome back all our WAYO members to what will prove to be an exciting week of rehearsals and performances at the Perth Concert Hall!

As isolation restrictions are now lifting, WAYO is gradually making a safe return. The July Holiday Rehearsal Season will provide a wonderful opportunity for all our WAYO members to reunite for a week of rehearsals, tutorials and music activities at The Perth Concert Hall during the school holidays.

Support WAYO’s Future with a Tax Deductible Donation

WAYO has keenly felt the impact of Covid-19. We ask you to consider supporting us through this difficult time so that we may continue to do our best for the WA community. WAYO is committed to giving as many Western Australians as possible the lifelong benefit of music and we invite you to join us on this journey with a tax-deductible donation.

With less than 17% of our income coming from tax-payer government sources, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to help us to sustain and evolve as an organisation, and contribute to the colourful arts landscape of Western Australia.

A donation to WAYO does the following:

> Goes 100% directly to our programs and not to fundraising expenses and does not disappear into capital or reserve building

> Supports the small to medium arts and youth arts sector that has been hardest hit both by the current crisis but also by complete cuts in Australia Council  funding

> Supports a highly efficient organisation with an administration of only 3.5 people. WAYO contributes both artistic and musical benefit to Western Australia but also delivers substantial economic impact

> Support Western Australian jobs and cultural industries  – Research has shown in a typical year WAYO generates an economic impact 15 times our government funding. This amazing achievement guarantees your valuable and much needed support directly empowers WAYO, the Arts and the economy of Western Australia

Find our more about making a tax-deductible donation.