Hope you had a nice break. This Saturday 13 April rehearsal is for Babies Proms at UWA Callaway Auditorium. If you are not performing in Babies Proms on April 20 or 21 then you are not required at this rehearsal. Elise Chong will be conducting, and Peter Moore is the MC.

All principals must prepare a 10 second demo for their instrument. Duets also work really well. Please make sure it is a fun kid related song, like a nursery rhyme or theme from popular kids tv show. Please try to have different songs for each instrument, so we will check the demos this Saturday to make sure they all work. Please make sure you have something prepared for this Saturday’s rehearsal.

Please note that Saturday 27 April we will be having sectionals. Please note the VENUE as it is different from usual for some.

ALL STRINGS: 9am – 12pm Callaway Auditorium with Darlington Quintet – Semra Lee, Zac Rowntree, Sally Boud, Jon Tooby, Andrew Sinclair

ALL WINDS: 9am – 12pm Ensemble Studio 1 with Andrew Nicholson

HORNS: 9am – 12pm Ensemble Studio 4 with Doree Dixon

ALL BRASS (Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba): 9am – 12pm Ensemble Studio 2 with Fletcher Cox

No rehearsal for Percussion or Harp