Sinfonietta Practice for 25 May

May 21st, 2024|Member Notices|

Only a few weeks until your concert.

We have noticed that a lot of people have started to arrive late to rehearsals over the last few weeks. It is important to be seated and tuned by 9am so you do not disturb or waste rehearsal time.

Please arrive by 8:45am, so you can unpack, tune up, and be seated before 9am.

Practice for this week: 

Spy-time Rag: all please practice keeping the syncopated notes short.

Spy-time Rag: vln3, viola, cello, bass: practice bar 65

Silver Forest: [ read more ]

Sinfonietta Practice this week

May 7th, 2024|Member Notices|

Things to practice for rehearsal on 11 May are:

Spytime Rag

  • all: crotchet = 160 whole piece
  • celli/basses: bar 70 for intonation
  • celli/violas/violin 3: Figure D – E for correct bowing and articulation

Capriol Dances – all to practise this

Sinfonietta Practice for 4 May 2024

April 30th, 2024|Member Notices|

Jeanette has requested you spend your practice time on the following sections for this week.

Celli & Basses – Allegro Molto Bar 1, bars 17 – 18 for intonation

Everybody: Capriol Dances whole piece,  Spy-time rag crotchet = 160 with metronome

Capriol Dances is up in your practice parts online. It’s the last on the list under Warlock, Capriol Dances.

Sinfonietta Practice this week

March 19th, 2024|Member Notices|

Things to practice this week are:

  • Black Diamond bars 53 – 69 counting out loud and playing.
  • Celli also slow practice on bar 24 for intonation.

This Saturday, members from the WA Symphony Orchestra will be joining you in rehearsal. Please make sure you arrive by 8:50am so you can unpack, tune up, and be ready to go by 9am. The WASO musicians will be with you from 9am – 10:20am this week, so you won’t want to waste your time [ read more ]

Welcome to Sinfonietta 2024!

January 24th, 2024|Member Notices|

Welcome to Sinfonietta 2024! We’re really excited for what is going to be a fun and exciting year.

The conductor for this year is Jeanette Teh.

The first rehearsal is Saturday 10 February 9am – 12pm, at Classroom 1.225, WAAPA (Building 1, 2 Bradford Street, Mt Lawley – maps attached.)

It is expected that everyone arrives by 8:45am at the latest and is warmed up and tuned before we begin at 9am.

For rehearsals, don’t forget to bring your 2B pencil and any accessories [ read more ]

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