Welcome to WAYO 2024! We’re really excited for what is going to be a fun and exciting year.

The first rehearsal is Saturday 10 February 9am – 12pm, at Callaway Auditorium UWA.

It is expected that everyone arrives by 8:45am at the latest and is warmed up and tuned before we begin at 9am. The room is usually set and available at least 30mins before rehearsals begin, so feel free to arrive early to get set.

Percussion is required to arrive around 8:15am (can be from 8am if the percussion setup is large or complex). Please discuss between yourselves your regular arrival time and share the setup requirements.

Please all help pack away at the end as well, depending on rostering and schedule. If you are not required to stay for the whole rehearsal, please pack away your chair/stand if it is not being used by someone else.

For rehearsals, don’t forget to bring your 2B pencil and any accessories you need – double basses you will need to byo stool please. WAYO will provide music stands, music, and chairs.

If you are running late, please email, text, or call me so I can pass apologies on to the conductor and your section. If you are friends with your section, please still let me know, even if you contact them as well of your absence/late arrival.

If you are unable to make a rehearsal, please let me (Breanna – breanna.evangelista@wayo.com.au) know asap (even if it’s months ahead I will keep notes), with at least 24hours notice if possible. Being told early of absences helps us plan ahead to make sure we use our limited rehearsal time in the most efficient way possible.

We appreciate when wind, brass, or percussion players are unable to attend rehearsal (especially if you know in advance), if another member in the section is rostered off for a piece, that you ask that person to cover your part for rehearsal. Please also inform me that you have done so.

Rehearsal rooms will be a NO PHONE ZONE this year. Please do not use your mobile phone during rehearsal. There were too many times last year where concentration was not focused, and entries were missed due to people on their phones.  The only situation you may use your phone for is tuning at beginning of rehearsal. If you need a tuner on the stand for the entire time, it might be worth investing in a real one.

If you require to use your phone during rehearsal, it will be an emergency situation and you should let the Operations Assistant know your emergency asap!

If you are tacet for a whole movement, you may leave the rehearsal room and sit in the common room where you can chat and use your phone.

Due to the size of the groups and limited space inside all our rehearsal rooms, we appreciate that only playing members enter the rehearsal rooms and parents farewell their rising stars at the door. We have experienced staff that can assist with tuning or setting up their instrument, so please ask for any assistance if required.

The 3 main concerts for WAYO this year are as follows:

Season 1: Saturday 1 June – 7:30pm at Perth Concert Hall

Peter Moore is conducting Season 1. WAYO will be performing Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique, Dukas L’Apprenti sorcier (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice), Herrmann Vertigo Suite, and Herrmann North by Northwest Overture.


Music is available for 2 out of 4 pieces so far for Season 1. Both the Herrmann pieces are in the mail, and I will let you know when the music becomes available. Flute/Oboe/Clarinet doubling sections for Berlioz will be out shortly – just sorting the parts.

Season 2: One-week intensive season: Tuesday 9 July rehearsals start. Two Performances on Saturday 13 July 7:30pm and Sunday 14 July 5pm, at Perth Concert Hall. This will also include a celebration of WAYO’s 50 years of music making.

The conductors are Tze Law Chan and Peter Moore, plus a possible guest. The repertoire for Season 2 is still to be confirmed. Both concerts will be the same repertoire and you will be expected to perform in both concerts if you play this season.

Season 3: Saturday 21 September – 7:30pm at Joy Shepherd Performing Arts Centre, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls

Jen Winley will be conducting Season 3. Concert repertoire is Rachmaninov Symphonic Dances, Khachaturian Spartacus Adagio, Zimmer Gladiator Suite, Boulanger D’un Matin de Printemps.

Specific rehearsal schedules for the whole year can be found online! WOW! So much advance notice for my diary you say!

WAYO will also be performing 2 sets of Babies Proms (March and December) and Peter and the Wolf.

First rehearsal is Saturday February 10 at Callaway Auditorium, UWA.

See you all soon,